Webex Review

Webex Review

Businesses are emphasizing cooperation more than ever before. Many companies are using video conferencing to help their workers work together more effectively; this is where Cisco’s Webex shines. It has message capabilities, file sharing, and initiating video calls while amid an online conversation. Webex is our pick as the most delicate video and phone conferencing solution for cooperation and distant employees for these and other factors.

Webex Meetings, as well as Webex Teams, are two services rolled into one. Webex Meetings is a full-featured video conferencing system that can accommodate up to 200 people at once. It’s also convenient since Webex may record everybody at the conference at the very same time. Webex Meetings also includes all primary video conferencing capabilities, such as screen sharing & meeting documentation.

Webex Teams, the second service, is a different system to which all Webex Meetings users have access. Employees may collaborate in one digital place with the Teams app. Using the app’s whiteboard capabilities, employees can contact one another, conduct video calls, hold video calling conferences, exchange files, and think creatively off one another.

Pros of Webex

Webex is an excellent option for companies that require a video conferencing solution and a collaboration platform. The most significant advantage of Webex is that it combines two systems into one: On the one hand, you have a complete video conferencing service that enables you to conduct video conferences with big groups of people both within and outside your company. On the other hand, Webex Teams provides a specially intended platform to enable your employees to communicate with one another.

Employees may collaborate on ideas through chat, video conferencing, and whiteboarding using Webex Teams. You save money by bundling this dedicated digital area with your teleconference software; your company won’t have to pay for another team-based collaboration tool.

Webex also has a free product option that enables up to 100 group members and does not restrict the length of time you may hold a meeting. Most of the other free teleconferencing providers we checked at had lower participant limits or time limits on each conference.

Cons of Webex

The cost for the Call Me function is one of Webex’s drawbacks. This feature includes for free with several of the conferencing providers we checked.

One disadvantage is that consumer assistance on the free and beginning programs is minimal. The free version only allows you to contact customer care through email, while the beginning plan only allows you to contact customer care personnel during office hours.

Features of Webex Conference Calling

Webex is the most satisfactory teleconference calling service for distant teams, in conjunction with being the most excellent teleconferencing service for cooperation.

Webex blends video conferencing and teleconference calling into one solution by enabling customers to join through the phone. This option allows individuals that can’t be on their workstations at the appointed time to participate in your meetings, which is ideal for distant employees who are often out of the office. Webex offers toll-free and toll-charge lines that you may dial from anywhere in the globe.

People may host conference calls in one of two ways. One option would be for the presenter to log in through the internet. Everyone else may phone in after the presenter has joined the conference via computer. The second alternative would be for the host to select a different kind of meeting room that enables everyone to participate by phone, including the host.

A dial-in phone version is open to all Webex customers, regardless of package. The system also has several helpful conference call capabilities, including call recording. All meetings are recorded and presented in MP4A format.

The Call Me function is another option for audio participants; this eliminates the need for audio participants to call in. Instead, the meeting will automatically contact them at the specified start time, saving them the trouble of remembering the dial-in number & access key.

Webex also enables the conference presenter to see a summary of all attendees. You may provide participants presenter controls to share their thoughts, plans, and tactics with the rest of the group.

Webex’s features

There are plenty of features in Webex Meetings and Webex Teams that companies of all sizes will find helpful, including 720p Video capture, speaker views that automatically move the output to whoever is talking, screen or screen sharing, and cloud-based conference recordings.

Webex Meetings includes a computer, smartphone, and web services, as well as a web-based application that allows you to operate the teleconference from any internet browser. You may also use meetings for conference calls. Everyone invited to a meeting is given a dial-in number to participate by smartphone. While these individuals cannot see other users or anything displayed on the monitor, they can listen in and offer their views; you can also use this with office 365 and GCalendar.

Webex Teams offers its range of abilities, including group chat with alerts, document sharing, and whiteboarding, enabling people to download drawings and comments to existing papers to collaborate.

Pricing for Webex

There are four service plans available with Webex. Price, fixed set of server licenses, max limit of internet meeting attendees, customer service choices, functionality, and cloud services vary across plans. Meetings have no time limitations, regardless of whatever subscription you choose.

Webex costs per host, per month; therefore, each of your workers will want their license to get the most of the Webex Teams service.

  1. Free: $0
    Up to 100 people may attend the meeting.
  2. Starter Monthly cost: $14.95 per host
    Up to 50 users can attend the meeting.
  3. Plus 
    Monthly fee: $19.95 per host
    Up to 100 people may attend the meeting.
  4. Business 
    Monthly cost: $29.95 per host
    Up to 200 people can attend the meeting.