Livestorm Review

Livestorm Review

COVID-19 created a significant effect on the online conference technology sector in the year and, there’s no denying it.
The epidemic altered how individuals continue performing business with each other, how businesses communicate within – as well as their expectations of teleconferencing.

The demand for a simple webcast and videoconferencing technology was never greater.

That’s why we’ve written a Livestorm review; it’s a web teleconferencing software that helps businesses, big or small.

It is not needed to install any applications or data. Anyone may attend conference links; adding to this, it also offers valuable features for those who want to capture video or conduct meetings.

Livestorm What is it?
It acts as a webcast and teleconferencing instrument based on the internet.

You’ve probably likely come of Zoom or Google Meet if you’ve ever participated, hosted, or barely looked at a teleconference or online conference platform.

Livestorm provides much of the same characteristics and goods that these platforms offer and has a few distinct features, as we will discuss.

Study the capabilities, advantages, options, price, and if Livestorm is the appropriate webcast and conference technology.

Livestorm is an all-in-one multimedia telecommunication device. You may perform a variety of activities with this program that revolve around interacting with people worldwide.A few examples are conducting high-quality conferences, setting up a conference room, and capturing a screen to generate educational materials.

The fact that Livestorm is completely browser-based distinguishes it from many other video transmission systems out there.

There seem to be no pc applications, programs, or smartphone apps to install. Just use your internet to log in and distribute the URL to anybody you aspire to participate you live.

Pricing for Livestorm
Livestorm has a substantial free version with its webcast technology; this implies you may try the user interface (complete with all capabilities) for free.

The session frequency you may run each webcast and the people able to participate is limited to twenty minutes on the free version, with a maximum of 10 participants and live spectators; this will be adequate to conduct a practice webcast and familiarize yourself with the system. However, we don’t think 20 minutes is substantial enough for these conference presenters, so we’ll have to upgrade to the Premium Plan.

The Premium Plan begins at $99 a month and includes a variety of add-ons. This package enables you to host up to four hours of webinars each month. You may contact an infinite number of people and have up to 100 live viewers.

The Enterprise Plan also offers unique characteristics like premium education, a specialized CSM, and floating licenses. You’ll have to speak with a representative of the company’s sales department if you want to learn more about this alternative.

Livestorm offers several distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other videoconferencing software available in the market. To highlight this, it has a somewhat higher cost, but we believe the simplicity of use – for both guests and hosts – more so than compensates the price.

We believe it’s an excellent video conferencing program, and it’s difficult to criticize it. It’s fit for purpose if you’re using Livestorm for internal documents and material creation or hosting large conferences.

If one believes Livestorm is the right webcast technology for you, the most remarkable thing is that you really can try it out for nothing. This demo also covers all of their capabilities, so you can see whether it meets all of your teleconference requirement specifications.