DataCamp Review

DataCamp Review

Information unlocks opportunities for various growing businesses. It becomes easy to plan our next move when we have authentic data analytics on your table. This field has taken the status of a subject is instructors teach this vital subject under data science. There are many online areas where you can learn the tips and tricks to master data science and analytics. One such platform is, and this article deals with its details. So, let’s dive right in.

What is DataCamp?

DataCamp offers online interactive courses for data science and analytical tools, and more than 280 expert instructors deliver these informative lectures. Some institutions like Duke University have affiliations with DataCamp. Their platform offers learners to acquire new skills in demand or adopt a career path in data science. You can also start freelancing as a data science expert by learning essential techniques from DataCamp’s courses. All in all, it is a wholesome package for intuitive people.

What Courses do They Offer?

The various interactive courses available on their platform come under three categories.

  • Learn a New Technology: By following this path, you will find lectures by experts that will tell you about this field and introduce various skills. You will also get a chance to apply these skills and practice. The courses include Python, R, and SQL. Overall, an excellent organization for beginners.

  • Career Tracks: If you want to adopt this field as your career, the lectures available here provide detailed videos on included topics. Various career paths include Data scientist and data analyst.
  • Skill Tracks: Most of the courses and lectures available under this category provide insights about advancing your skillset and getting acclimatized with changes occurring in this field. Various techniques include Importing and Cleaning Data, Data visualization, and R programming.

DataCamp for Business:

Many companies who want to upgrade the overall skill set of their team go for this option as it allows your teams to manage data-driven decisions. The program has inspired more than 2000 companies and Fortune 1000 companies to use the skills available from DataCamp to manage their employees. Two plans are available in this category, namely Professional and Enterprise. The professional one is for small businesses, and the payment is available per user. The enterprise plan offers courses for large companies, and custom payment options are available.

DataCamp for Classroom:

DataCamp offers free access of more than 1200 hours to educators around the globe to create their free classes and empower their students to learn new data science skills. This option is handy for educators as it provides regular assignments for their students and keeps track of the students’ work. All you have to do is to submit an application that, after approval, will give you free access to special lectures and courses.

Personal Subscription:

DataCamp offers three plans for individual learners. One is their free plan with limited access to courses. Their standard procedure is available at $25 a month, and the premium plan comes for $33.25 per month. Both of these plans come in annual payment options only.


DataCamp offers detailed courses on this complex subject, and their utmost effort is to empower learners with in-demand data skills. Their lectures breakdown the intricate details for learners, and the platform is user-friendly. Overall, DataCamp is not a bad option at all.