Alamy Stock Review 2022

Alamy Stock Review 2022

Getting high-quality images on the go can be a tough job, like most photos or videos.Don’t provide royalty-free access on some platforms. The images are not relevant.

This article will explore a fantastic platform to access the tremendous work of professional photographers. The article discusses Alamy stock and how they are successful in this area.

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The Origins:

Alamy stock emerged as an image-sharing website 20 years ago, and it expanded its scope to high-quality videos and professional-grade images. It is perhaps the most commonly used platform around the globe. It provides access to all types of media and the work of some well-known photographers, and Alamy has one of the most extensive stocks for a premium quality image. Alamy provides vector art panoramic photos and edited pictures for photo lovers.

 How to Start?

Before you can use their stock for your projects, all you need to do is sign-up on their website. Then you can use the box to access relevant content or browse their gallery to view amazing photos, videos, vector art, and edited images. When you download their photographs, you will find a page to purchase the picture and fill in all the essential details, including credit card details.

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Alamy is famous for its quality images, but its services are pricier, and the price depends on the type of license you will purchase. Alamy might not be suitable for beginners as the costs can be out of range. The following image shows the current prices of a single image that is up for purchase.

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 User-Friendly Browsing:

Alamy is known for the user-friendly atmosphere on its platform. It brings you all the images in separate categories and an extensive search box to quickly access relevant information.

Moreover, it provides basic information about the picture and the type of licenses available for that image. You can choose between different media such as images, vector arts, and videos. You can also search by image in which you can use your camera to take a particular picture and upload it on their website, and they will take you to the relevant content.

  • You can search using various filters to save your time further and pinpoint your desired photos or videos.
  • Filters include people, location, landscape, portrait, file size, viewpoint, or even when the creator uploaded the images or videos.
  • You can save images to the library when you are not going to purchase them but find the helpful idea.

Library Option:

A library option is valuable for professional photo editors who need all that art instantly. Moreover, large companies that have to manage advertisements, clients, websites, and many other things also need to keep all their relevant stuff in one place to save as much time as possible.

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For Creators:

Alamy offers creators to submit their work on their website, which will be available for purchase after review. The creator will get money for the number of downloads. Using this technique, you can profit from your art and get known as a successful creator.


Alamy offers access to some great stuff. They do not have any subscription on their website, so you must purchase an individual license. If you are operating a business website or a travel website, Alamy can be highly resourceful for you.

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