TopHatter Review

TopHatter Review

TopHatter is a Californian-based online company established in 2012. The website connects people who sell products online to people who wish to buy products online. The website serves as a platform provider for both buyers and sellers. Further, the website uses third-party services to process payments and make payments to the sellers. One can purchase the products through online auctions.

Is TopHatter Legit?

This is a very valid question. One needs to distinguish between websites that rip them off and websites that are genuine when it comes to making online payments.

However, Yes! TopHatter is legitimate. The company is legally recognized and delivers functional products. It is duly registered in the US. Further, the website is recognized by a lot of industry leaders and is one of the top online auction websites. The company has been operating since 2012 and therefore they can’t be fraudsters. The website is flooded with a lot of good reviews.

Is TopHatter Safe?

Every online website needs to safeguard the sensitive information that you share with them. This includes your personal contact information and your credit card details. If information like credit card detail is allowed to leak out, there are chances of card owners being defrauded. Thus, TopHatter uses 128-bit SSL encryption. It is the standard security system for creating private communication between a device and a web server. The encryption also ensures that no unauthorized third parties get access to read the customer’s data. Therefore, the website is safe.


The website gives you a variety of options. Even within a specific category of products, you will find different types of different products. You can find various categories related to fashion, kitchen products, cosmetics, and electronic products. The website has recommended its quality product, there are unhappy customers. However, the positive reviews are more. Therefore, quality is never an issue when it comes to TopHatter.

How to Use TopHatter?

Once you have registered, you get redirected to the primary auction page where live auctions occur. You can also purchase from the buy now options. It is a regular purchase where the seller sells it for a fixed rate. The buyer can purchase a product by bidding. Further, you could see products you are interested in and can bid for the same. Most auctions last for only about 90 seconds. If you miss out on a live auction, then you can view upcoming auctions.


TopHatter ships its products worldwide. Shipping cost varies depending on the delivery times, depending on where the item will be shipping from, where it is shipping to, its weight, and whether an expedited shipping option is available. Delivery time is dependent on the order processing and shipping time. Shipping also depends on the country where the seller’s website exists. The shipping cost is about the winning bid. You might also see products with free shipping.

Receiving Payments

While the prices are high, the payment is directly made to TopHatter and not to the seller. The seller would receive his money only after the product has reached the buyer.

If you intend to receive payment for the business you make on TopHatter, the platform supports two pay-out options. You can make use of Payoneer to withdraw money to your respective local bank account or even by using a debit card; alternatively, you can also receive a direct pay-out to your bank account.


TopHatter is a very legitimate and safe online marketplace that helps connect buyers and sellers. However, it stands out by making online shopping fun through auction sales. It gives buyers a large variety of high-quality products and wins bids for cool stuff at relatively lower bids. It provides the sellers with a large platform where many visit their website every day and gives them payment protection for the sales made.