Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Owning a cat makes you a happy person. From being able to cuddle them after coming home from a long day to finding a companion in cats, there are numerous other reasons these feline beings can make you happy. Well if you got doubts science definitely can’t get wrong and it has been scientifically proven that cats do make humans happy. But to have them live their furry lives longer their health needs to be prioritized. Jeff Werber, a veterinarian stresses the importance of starting cat care at the right time in the most appropriate manner. Here are a few tips which would enable your cats to get the love and care they deserve.

Brush Your Cat as often as you could

Most owners claim to take care of their cats but don’t brush them often. They fail to understand that brushing their cat is very crucial in getting rid of the lost hair which if not done would affect the digestive hairballs.

Dry food is a big NO

Cats just cannot stand vegetarian food. Their primary source of food needs to be meat failing which they are prone to develop Type-2 diabetes since vegetarian food contributes to accumulating excess carbs in their body. They just can’t stand carbs!

Notice your cat’s Thirst

Cats don’t have the same thirst drive as much as canines do. The only time they drink water is while eating something too dry. Therefore, the focus needs to be given to ensure your cat drinks enough water because you wouldn’t want your cat to feel dehydrated and tired.

You don’t know why your cat is peeing outside the box

This is frustrating but why do you think your cat does this? Not because it’s fun! Urinary tract infections could be the reason. Therefore, instead of getting at them try and experiment with different types and colors of clean litter boxes and keep them in a place your cat finds easy to access.

Spay and neuter your cat

Do not let your cats go into heat. It makes uncomfortable and get female cats pregnant. This would not just be a source of stress to you but adds to the huge homeless cat population. So, adoption is rather a better option. Further, the scratch marks of the nails when your catfights with another might cause certain diseases which are transmitted by other cats to yours. So, spraying and neutering them is a must.

Travel but safely with Your cat

Well! your cat might love traveling. But do not let it stay unrestrained inside the car. It would move around exploring things within and outside the car getting the driver distracted and leading to accidents. Additionally, leaving your pet alone inside a parked car would make it uncomfortable. So, let it stay back home and have fun creating a mess.

A Cat-Friendly Vet

Most veterinary doctors are dominated by dog parents. This might haunt your cat who is surrounded by a lot of canines. Therefore, ensure the vet is someone who recognizes that either calls you to get done with the examination quickly if you cannot find vets who specifically deal with cats. You can’t see your friend in a state of fear. Can you?

Be bothered about your cat’s weight

Imbalanced body weight is unhealthy for your cat. If you notice your cat not gaining or losing weight, you need to be alert and immediate consult a vet.

Give them their due affection

Cats display affection by bumping their head and purring after a successful hunt. So, the next time your cat kneads you with its paws don’t forget to show how proud you are and cuddle with them.


We all want our cat to stay with us forever. While that is not possible, taking care of your cat’s health and wellness would help in ensuring a happy and healthier lifespan.