Sunski Sunglasses Review

Sunski Sunglasses Review

Trendy eyewear has always been on top of the list when it comes to fashion and design. A lot of competition exists in this field. Brands come up with new ways to market their products. Any pair of glasses consists of lenses and a frame. Most of the differences arise here between different brands. Sunski has some of the best designs out there. Their inventory consists of frames made from recycled plastic. Apart from that, they offer a variety of options for their customers. A detailed review is given below.

About their Lenses:

Customers demand a variety of customizations to meet their requirements. Sunski has those customizations.

  • The shape of the lens is important when it is about matching with the face shape. Sunski provides various options here. They have many options available, perfect for any dressing sense and occasion. The various shapes include oval lenses. Wider frames balance these lenses. Another one is Square and Diamond. Round frames balance this option. Round lenses are also available.
  • All of their lenses are UV protected. This customization aids your eyes and prevents from damaging effects of Ultra-violet radiation.
  • Polarizing lenses are a part of their inventory. These lenses work by filtering out horizontal wavelength entering the eyes in the visual spectrum. It provides a crisp view.
  • At higher rates, scratch-resistant CR-39 lenses are available. This customization increases clarity of vision, and the lenses will not scratch when you put them away.


Their style and durability distinguish frames. Sunski offers trendy frames which are strong and durable. Their frames are versatile. Sunski uses flexible plastic for their frames. This feature makes them long-lasting, and they don’t break easily. Their designs are top-notch. Moreover, the plastic is superlight means it does not creates those lines on your face where you typically wear glasses. The frames are so comfortable that sometimes you forget that they are on your face.


Sunski has a large collection of eyewear. This collection fits every requirement.

  • Their Lifestyle Collection is for every occasion. It is stylish and versatile. The lenses provide medium eye coverage. This collection is for causal use. Popular designs include Yuba, Dipsea, and Seacliff. These designs are based on customer ratings. Price ranges are $58-$68.
  • Sports Collection is for exercise or when there is sweating. The lenses provide full eye coverage. The frame is extremely light. So, for those who prefer exercise and jogging, this is the best option. A popular design from this collection is Topeka. Price is $48-$68.
  • Next is Sunski Premium Collection, which is for fashionable customers. It includes a variety of designs. This collection works best for parties and dress-to-impress occasions. The popular style includes Bernina. They are a bit pricey, ranging from $89 to $98.
  • Alpine Collection is for those who love snow sports. They offer removable sun shields perfect for snow days. The popular design is Treeline.
  • Classic Collection was one of the first designs launched by the brand. It gives a vintage look. Popular designs are Headlands and Madronas. Prices range from $48-$58.
  • Many of us have a lot of screen time. Sunski provides a Blue filter for your routine glasses, and they minimize damage to eyes from the blue light released from these digital screens. These glasses are available for $89.

Why Sunski?

Sunski offers a wide range of options. Moreover, they offer a lifetime warranty for their customers. This warranty is hard to beat. Sunski is becoming a leading brand. They have donated 1% of their incomes for the environment of our Planet. They use recycled plastics for their frames to maintain a sustainable environment.