Kirkland Protein Bar Review

Kirkland Protein Bar Review

Kirkland uses its name as CostCo protein bars. It is another name for its products. The protein bars are unique concerning their ingredients. These protein bars are popular among their consumers. People intake proteins in the form of protein bars and protein powders. However, liquid forms are available, which get absorbed in the muscles more quickly. Consumers prefer a mixture of these flavors to attain multiple benefits. The thing that matters is the taste. The nutritional status of products also matters. These products make you feel faster and active. Moreover, this feeling lasts longer.

The Product:

Kirkland protein bars are made from natural ingredients. They have an important nutritional status which is different from other brands. Other brands contain chemicals and artificial sweeteners. It makes the level of nutritional status of these products bad. Thus, the healthy part of protein bars is lost. Kirkland provides their signature bars which are made from natural products. Natural sweeteners are also present in their bars. So, they offer a solid combination of taste and health benefits. The brand offers four flavors for its consumers. Their ingredients are monitored.


Most protein bars available out there contains either whey protein or milk protein. Whey protein gives a boost of energy. The muscles also grow. The milk protein commonly used is casein. It is a product that is slowly digested. It tends to stay in the stomach, and it enhances the digesting process of the proteins. Kirkland uses both of these proteins and gives the consumer a multitude of health benefits.

Another important thing is the use of natural sweeteners in the products. Instead of sugars, they use stevia extract.

Kirkland protein bars also have sunflower lecithin. This ingredient lowers cholesterol levels and improves heart condition. It also helps to improve skin conditions by acting as a good moisturizer.

Kirkland adds a lot of fibers in its bars. Normally, 14 grams of fiber is present in one bar. Fiber enhances the digestive process. As a result, more proteins are absorbed, and a lot of nutrition is available.

The chocolate chip cookie is the most favorite flavor. Customers have given positive reviews. This protein bar contains:

  1. Milk protein isolate
  2. Whey protein isolate
  3. Soluble corn fiber
  4. Cashew butter
  5. Cocoa butter
  6. Chocolate
  7. Stevia extract
  8. Natural flavors.

The peanut butter flavor is also available. It is the second most liked product. The ingredients include:

  1. Protein blend
  2. Peanut butter.
  3. Soluble corn fiber
  4. Cocoa powder
  5. Sunflower lecithin
  6. Stevia extract.

The products mentioned above contain no additives. They ensure the quality of ingredients that are used in the protein bars.


Their bars have 20 to 25 grams of protein, and calories range from 190 to 200. The bars are gluten-free. The addition of milk protein might not be good for lactose intolerants. So, one might get bloating and cramps after consuming it. On the bright side, the bars are tasty and ensure health benefits.

Kirkland provides the best bars available out there. Their unique blend of ingredients and preferring natural ingredients over artificial ones are the source of their success.