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Are you planning to go and visit places on your well-deserved vacation? Apart from many renowned Online Travelling Agencies (OTAs) like Costco Travel, Orbitz, Amex Travel, and many more, it is always good to have an additional option on your list. This option can help you generate essential differences in the price points on these online websites and substantially reduce your travel cost. One such option is, aiming to provide notable flights and hotels bookings for you. But there is more to this option than merely a positive goal. To learn more about, read this article carefully.

Customer Service:

Such OTAs are generally a good option for customer services; especially when looking for hotel rooms, you must keep some things in mind.
• The fact is that the prices on their sites are generally the same as they are available from the original hotels. There is hardly any discount. With that said, there is always something special for the premium members of as they can snag some deals in these cases.
• Another essential thing to look out for while booking hotels through a middle-man like is that there will always be an additional step. When there is an emergency fix in your room or the hotel has to re-accommodate you. This process can be annoying and delaying in most cases, so you should be ready for that.
• Such things are familiar with OTAs, no matter how better they are. You cannot predict when the emergency will occur.
• understands such a situation and has dramatically upgraded its customer response services. Wherever you are in the world, they will listen to your problems and try their best to help you out. Rewards Program:

Their rewards program is not complicated, and you can quickly grasp the whole idea. They can reward you one free night in any hotel at any time if you spend ten nights at any hotel that you have booked through their website. The catch is that the cost of the free night should not cross the average of your original ten nights stay. For example, if you spent five nights in a hotel at $250 per night and the other five nights in a hotel at $450 per night, then you can spend one free night in any hotel under $350 per night provided you book the hotels mentioned above from their website only. This program can always give you 10% back on your total earnings.

Secret Prices:

As with all the other OTAs, which usually offer an ‘insider’s program,’ also has their secret prices for their loyal members. Usually, they can provide up to 15% discount from the original prices, which can be valuable. Compared with other websites, these discounts can be up to 50%, sometimes shocking. But do not worry as their values are genuine and you can trust them.


For the most part, is an excellent option in the OTAs category with their services comparable to Google Flights. You can sometimes bag huge discounts. So it is always an excellent thought to try new options.