Firmoo Review

Firmoo Review

Not all companies and brands offer high-quality products; everyone provides a different quality of products. One of the most prominent examples of this is Firmoo, an online store founded when eyewear was costly, offering more affordable products. It is not a store that provides quality products; cheaper products are its best attractions. It, as a company, lacks a mission and idea, and there is no aesthetic sense to it. Moreover, there is a weak advertisement for the products. The website is not every customer favorite and is not managed appropriately. Firmoo is still in the game because its website is not exceptional, but it is still simple and easily manageable. The ordering process is easy and can be done in few steps. The virtual try-on feature is also good and helps in deciding the items available. Mostly the reviews are satisfactory, and the best thing about this store is cheap products.


Firmoo is an affordable option for anyone looking for glasses and who does not want a branded item. Following are reviews on some of its services:

Frame Quality:

Firmoo is doing its business with many manufactures so you will discover products of different qualities. The quality of a product depends upon everyone’s tastes. Some people find their products very comfortable. On the other hand, some find it weak and flimsy. Overall, Firmoo has a good range of products with different qualities, and all are affordable.

Lens Quality:

Firmoo assures that it will not compromise in quality of its products and provides lenses of all kinds. They offer quality lenses with many features at a reasonable price. The problem might arrive at prescription. Suppose you can not get the proper medication. In that case, your lenses will be rendered useless, and you will experience problems in visualizing. So it is advised to contact the lenses with the correct prescription. Online reviews suggest mixed opinions of customers; some are happy others are not. If you are using Firmoo for backup products, you do not need to worry.

Style & Variety:

In terms of quantity, Firmoo does not disappoint anyone; they offer a vast number of products. If you like branded products, then look elsewhere, but if you are happy with cheaper products that look branded, then Firmoo is the best glasses store for you. At Firmoo, you will see products that can be classic, fashionable, and stylish. They always offer new designs. Navigation is also straightforward on its website, so choosing is a better experience.

Customer Service:

In this day and age, every business company competes to provide better customer service. Firmoo is a reputation for being good, but it also has room to grow. They are strict in their policies. They offer to refund products in little time, and if there is some mistake by the customer in placing their order, they lose the right to a full refund. They are strict with their rules, so many people have problems with their services while some are satisfied. It all depends on how you received it.


The best part of Firmoo is the price of its products; you can find products that are mostly under $100. You have to pay more money for them if you want additional services, i.e., anti-reflexive coating and UV protection. Moreover, Firmoo offers free shipping if you shop for more than a fixed price; one of its offers makes it likable among customers.

In short, Firmoo is affordable for every eyewear and offers the best prices.